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Become a Future Leader while Building Self-Confidence

Our educational martial arts summer camp program is the #1 place in the Lake Mary area for your children to get healthy exercise while learning Focus, Self-confidence, and Self-control.

You drop them off in the morning for a full day of fun and Character-Building education through the martial arts. Then, on your way home, you take them home refreshed and ready for an enjoyable evening.

Look at what parents and students are saying!

Gained Confidence

Nobody bothers me anymore. I LOVE the Martial Arts!

— Peter L.

Learned Focus

Martial Arts taught me focus; now I’m on the honor roll!

— Libby-Grace A.

The best investment I ever made

Martial Arts has been great for my son. It’s helped his listening skills, it’s helped his focus, it’s helped his eating habits. Martial Arts is the best investment I ever made for my son.

— Shane Korkes (Ethan)

The best investment in my life

My children know how to play with others, take turns, share, they even know how to spend money because they work for it; they help me around the house. Honestly, it’s been the best opportunity and investment I’ve ever made in my life. You should try it too!

— Sylvia Mangsen (Matthew, Justin, & Angelina)

What happens at Martial Arts World’s Summer Camp?

Your child will have an amazing experience! First of all, your child(ren) will get to do one to two Martial Arts classes per day. Our Martial Arts classes during Summer Camp is a self-improvement program that teaches and develops physical fitness which will make your child healthier and stronger, mental fitness to help your child be smarter and wiser, moral fitness to instill the confidence to pursue their goals financial fitness which is learning how to make more and spend less and life fitness to develop outstanding leadership to break their limitations to create an amazing future!

In addition, we keep the action and fun going with a multitude of different structured games and activities. We also include Weekly Field Trips as a part of our summer camp program. One of our goals is to help the children continue to develop their focus in order to make better grades when they go back to school and Self-discipline to continue to respect their parents and teachers all while having the best experience during their summer.

My child has never done martial arts before. Can he/she still come?

Absolutely! Every child ages 5 and up can get started right away. There are no prerequisites to doing Summer Camp except for wanting to have some amazing fun! We have many new students that will be starting martial arts for the first time at summer camp. Summer Camp is a perfect way to introduce kids to the martial arts.

When does Summer camp start? How much does it all cost?

Camps start the first week after school gets out for the Summer. Your child can be dropped off as early as 7:00am and runs until 6:00pm. We offer our Summer Camp all weeks during the summer. Take advantage of the web special or give one of our friendly Martial Arts World Team Members a call to inquire about weeks that are available and rates. We also include sibling discounts for those who have more than one child.

Do I have to enroll the entire Summer?

Not at all! Camps are offered on a week by week basis. So you can pick and choose based on the weeks you need, depending on availability. Although we do recommend 7-10 weeks if possible to get the full experience and benefit of practicing as a martial arts student. Register today to guarantee your spot.